Race Talks with Dr. Anica: How to Talk to Kids About Racism (1 min video)

We teach kids how to tell time, cross the street, and share, but what do we tell them about racism?

This fall we're hosting another installment of Race Talks with Dr. Anica, a conversational series, and we're asking "How do you talk to kids about racism?" Join Dr. Anica and a diverse group at the historic Langston Hughes House in Harlem for this lively, engaging, and honest conversation. In partnership with ITooArts Collective this popular event kicks off with a fun cocktail hour with light refreshments, perfect for networking and connecting with artists and professionals from all walks of life. It's all happening on Saturday, October 5th at 6pm. Register below today!! Tickets will also be available at the door.

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Dr. Anica Camela Mulzac