race positive

Our Vision

To dismantle ALL expressions of racism, prejudice, and bias in every unique sphere of influence.   


Our Approach/Framework

We operate on a strengths model, drawing from decades of psychological science and research, to help leaders, teams, and organizations recognize and employ their strengths to proactively cultivate and maintain a work environment in which diverse members are welcomed, included, and treated equitably.


Our Mission

We believe that racism, prejudice, and bias may be defeated when we Engage, Empower, and Equip leaders and educators to harness strengths, champion diversity and inclusion, and foster a healthy culture/morale in the workplace and classroom alike.

From exploring unconscious/implicit bias, privilege, and microaggressions to developing listening, communication, and conflict resolution skills our services offer practical tools needed to address the complexities of race, including its intersectionality with other key areas of diversity.

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