race positive

Our Vision

To Engage, Equip, and Empower leaders in dismantling all expressions of racism, prejudice, and bias in their unique spheres of influence.   


Our Approach/Framework

We draw from the science and research of Positive Psychology, evidenced-based techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Theory, direct observation, years of clinical experience, as well as international data and research on matters of Race + Diversity. By operating on a strengths model, we work with leaders, teams, and organizations to recognize and employ their strengths to proactively cultivate and maintain a work environment in which diverse members are welcomed, included, and treated equitably.


Our Mission

Race (+) Positive is an innovative consulting firm for leaders and educators seeking to harness their strengths, expand their influence, increase productivity, and improve culture/morale in the workplace and classroom alike. Through interactive, engaging, and insight-building programs with real world application, our client-partners feel equipped and empowered to proactively and positively navigate the rocky terrain of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

From exploring unconscious/implicit bias and microaggressions to developing listening, communication, and conflict resolution skills our workshops, and trainings examine the complexities of race, including its intersectionality with other key areas of diversity such as gender, class, sexual orientation, age, ability, religion, citizenship, etc. Through consulting (i.e. executive coaching) and organizational analysis, we support key stakeholders in academia, business, and faith-based groups in generating effective D + I strategies for lasting change by discovering and employing their strengths as individuals, teams, and organizations.

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