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Our Values

Race is an Asset: We believe that our racial differences are assets not liabilities.

Positivity: We believe the world needs more positivity, particularly when Race + Diversity is the point of focus.

Education: We believe that knowledge empowers change.

Engagement: Issues of racism, prejudice, and bias affects all of us, and thus eradicating it will require all of us.

Doctor Anica

A young Black female professional of faith from an immigrant family raised in the multicultural melting pot of New York City, Dr. Anica Camela Mulzac has first-hand knowledge and awareness of the importance and complexities of matters related to Race + Diversity. A Licensed Clinical Psychologist with expertise in human behavior and group dynamics, Dr. Anica has garnered over 10 years of clinical and research experience with numerous individuals, groups, and organizations exploring and addressing the impact of diversity factors on academic, personal, and professional experiences. 

Committed to the belief that everyone has a role to play in dismantling racism, prejudice, and bias Dr. Anica has consulted with and given presentations and trainings to various organizational leaders such as Student Affairs Department Directors, University Support Staffs (i.e. Healthcare providers, RAs), Faculty, Parent groups, Student leader groups, Clergy and Directors of Faith-based groups, and Non-profit team leaders to name a few. Most recently Dr. Anica had the privilege of speaking to over 100 participants at the non-profit organization, FedCap, on managing microaggressions in the workplace. Dr. Anica has also been working with Faculty at Sarah Lawrence College on creating safe classroom environments that allow for open productive positive exchange on issues of Race + Diversity. In addition to the above, Dr. Anica has been invited to participate in panel discussions sponsored by the Manhattan Young Democrats, and Wit + Grace Magazine on topics of race, identity, and gender. 

To learn more about Dr. Anica’s unique approach to tackling Race + Diversity, read her latest published article Can Race Talks Be Positive?


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