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We offer numerous interactive and engaging programs that cover hot-button topics such as microaggressions, privilege and power, colorism, unconscious/implicit bias, and intent vs. impact among others. Participants will not only increase their knowledge and understanding of the benefits of increasing diversity but will also gain effective strategies for reducing personal bias, increasing cultural competence, creating productive and inclusive environments, as well as improving listening, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Our workshops/trainings can be adapted to meet your specific needs and time limits, spanning from 90 minute sessions to a ½ day or full day event.

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Popular Programs

What is Color? How Invisible Boxes Impact Your Team’s Productivity! This fun workshop actively challenges the narratives assigned to us, and those we assign to others. Perfect for strengthening your class, team, or organizational culture, and increasing productivity.

 Breaking the Silence: Say What No One Else Will. This engaging program dares stakeholders to break through polite harmful silence on matters of Race + Diversity to achieve positive lasting change. Participants walk away feeling more confident and competent confronting the elephants in the room.   

Positive (+) Engagement: Facilitating effective conversation on hot button issues. An asset for leaders and educators in creating an interactive safe environment ripe for initiating and navigating honest exchange on matters of Race + Diversity.

Race Talks with Dr. Anica

Understanding, Empathy, and Healing Comes When We Talk!

Join Dr. Anica and a dynamic group of people from all walks of life as they gather at the historic Langston Hughes House in Harlem for lively, engaging, and honest conversations on race, identity, and culture. In partnership with ITooArts Collective this popular event kicks off with a fun cocktail hour, perfect for networking and connecting with artists and professionals of diverse backgrounds. Visit our Media page to learn about the next #racetalkswithdranica event. Bring a friend!



Meeting/Retreat Facilitation

Need help planning or facilitating a team meeting/retreat that addresses issues of Race + Diversity? Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to, helping you generate a productive agenda, design engaging activities, create valuable discussion prompts, and craft dynamic case studies that emphasize your key points.


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