Anica Camela Mulzac, Psy.D is a licensed clinical psychologist whose interest in human dynamics, and passion for racial diversity have led to the creation of the consulting firm, Race (+) Positive. Doctor Anica has long made issues of race and racism a focal point in her work, from presentations, consultations, and workshops to writings, which include her latest article “How to Stay Woke, and Be Happy.” She has served as a consultant to Brooklyn Prospect Charter School, helping to design and facilitate a multi-week parent-student outreach program with the goal of promoting racial identity awareness and academic achievement. Doctor Anica worked as an adjunct graduate professor in the Child and Bilingual Special Education program at Brooklyn College for 3 years, during which she challenged teachers to consider the influence of race and other social factors upon the academic experience of NYC students. Doctor Anica is currently on staff at Sarah Lawrence College, serving as a senior clinician and peer health education co-coordinator. Her favorite things include volunteering at Prospect Park in her beloved Brooklyn, and being with loved ones.

Other Initiatives

Positively YOU:

Doctor Anica has worked closely with the Sarah Lawrence College Counseling and Psychological Services director to create and lead a mindfulness based positive psychology class titled, Positively YOU. This 6 week for credit class is designed to help students identify, and nurture their signature strengths in an intentional and mindful way. The course is offered to students 1x each semester (fall, spring).

Food Share Program:

The national rise in food insecurity among college students over the last 10 years led Doctor Anica to initiate discussions about its prevalence on the Sarah Lawrence College campus, and explore ways of addressing the need. Partnering with the SLC Dean of Student Affairs, as well as the director of Diversity & Campus Engagement Doctor Anica has helped to gather data by surveying the SLC community about food insecurity, and is actively working to devise effective initiatives to help address the need (i.e. establishing a food pantry). See the published article on their efforts at http://www.sarahlawrencephoenix.com/campus/2017/4/21/slc-student-body-faces-the-issue-of-food-insecurity

Peer Health Education

Doctor Anica has worked closely with a nurse at SLC Health and Wellness to co-coordinate the Peer Health Education Program, designed to develop student allies and advocates for healthy living. All eligible candidates are trained in 9 modules ranging from skills in communication, time management, team building, leadership, conflict resolution, to self-care management, as well as health advocacy and support. Upon completion of the training students are required to complete and pass an online certification exam, with an 80% score or higher, before becoming an official PHE. See the published article on the program at http://www.sarahlawrencephoenix.com/past-issue/2016/11/21/students-improve-health-of-school-through-peer-health-education

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